Military Classified Porter 6 blowjob (massages, style, massage).
Studio: Military Classified

As you all may well know I have hundreds of models on my website and despite that I sometimes come across a model that hits me a certain way and i’m talking about complete physicality. Porter is one of those models, I look at him and melt! Today I’ve managed to spoil him a little and give him one of my special bj’s and this one is one of my best!
I alway ask Porter to come up early so we can spend some time beforehand or he usually stays after and we end up in some off camera activity that I wish I could film! Porter today came on a mission and he was horny as I think i’ve ever seen him around me because when we started the cameras Porter couldn’t keep his hand off himself and immediately sported wood within seconds.
We made our way downstairs to my bedroom where I had everything set up and before long I was already playing with Porter’s cock through his jeans. The massages then turn into fondling and before long I had his clothes off and his 6 inch uncut cock was pointing straight up in the air! and STIFF! Well I bathed him with my warm saliva and I lubricated his cock pulling on his foreskin with my teeth!
Next I stood him up and made him deliver his fury from a standing position so he would have some leverage, Porter willfully complied. He buried his cock down my throat which was easy to do but the look on his face as he delivered the face fuck was priceless! I could tell that as he pounded my face he was getting closer and closer to the point of no return so I sat him down and headed for the finish line.
I sat him down and continued my pounding of his cock with my mouth and hand. I began to increase the speed and now on a mission to get this boy to nut. The intensity was getting bigger and I could see that Porter was clinching my blanket on the bed and within seconds he blew his load all over my mouth, in my mouth, and all over the floor! Hot Damn!!

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:28
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1827kbps
Audio: 123kbps

Military Classified Porter 6 blowjob - style, massages, pulling. Military Classified Porter 6 blowjob - video, pulling, massages, style, massage

Military Classified Porter 6 blowjob - pulling, video, style, massage
File size: 193.1 MB

massage style (Military Classified Porter 6 blowjob).




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